Cut & Sewing, Upholstry

Cut & Sewing
Schultz-Seating Poland has a department, which only handles sewing jobs for our customers. The department has CNC leather and fabric cutters and a large number of experienced sewing machinists in order to offer many different types of sewing jobs. We aim to have a close cooperation with the customers about logistics, quality and individual handling. Our delivery time is normally 1-2 weeks.


Upholstery – always our customers design
Our upholstry department works as an individual department and accepts jobs which have nothing to do with our steel or sewing department. The original upholstry department  is based on upholstry of simple armchairs where we can combine knowledge from our steel and our sewing departments. We work with small orders with a short delivery time. In 2016 we have established another department for lounge chairs and dining chairs.