Frames and bases

The frame of the chair can vary in accordance to your design. We offer to make a frame that will fit to your design specifically.

Using our 3D bending machine

We produce many different frames. It varies from simple backframes to high class frames for design chairs.
Due our 3D bending machine, we are able to combine both bendings and curving, making very speciel forms and sharpes possible.
It is almost only your imagnation that sets the limit.


One of our core competences is producing steel bases. All our bases are made to fit the swivel parts. This gives the designer flexibility when making the final design of the chair.


The swivel part or the table legs, that are assembled in the base, can be delivered with the same surface as the base. By the assembling the centre tube in the base, there will be a minor edge by the crossing. This edge can be avoided if we assemble a cover tube on the centre tube. This cover tube will naturally be surface coated in the same coating as the centre tube.


Wooden bases

In collaboration with our trusted sub suppliers we are producing variants of wooden bases. All the wooden bases fit with one of our centre parts. To read more about our sourcing of wooden parts, please follow this link.

Special designed bases

To meet the demands of our customers we also offer special designed bases. When we combine the development of special designed bases with our great knowledge on centre parts, we can offer a product that lives up to the highest quality standards.