In 1965 Schultz Seating was founded in Galten by Jørgen Schultz Christensen. From the very beginning the company focused on being a sup supplier in the furniture industry. Already in the 1970’s our centre section, which makes a recliner swivel, was patented. And this became the basis for our business in the future trade with our customers.

During the 1990’s the company started exporting to several countries in Europe. Meanwhile, many additional newly developed mechanisms where patented. From the beginning of 2000 cooperation with more sup suppliers in Eastern Europe began, and in 2003 Beijing Schultz Seating was established as a sourcing company. To secure quality control we established our own production in China in 2005.


A close cooperation with the sub supplier, Inpako, in Poland resulted in a takeover of the company in 2008 and Schultz Seating Poland was established. As a production facility, Schultz Seating Poland has a good geographical position for ensuring fast deliveries to our European customers. In addition to a well-equipped steel production the company also offers sewing of covers, upholstery of chairs and sourcing of other components. This all contributes to making The Schultz Seating Group capable of delivering a full concept.

Today, the Schultz Seating Group is a privately owned worldwide company with more than 400 employees on 4 different locations.