One Stop Concept

With our One Stop Concept we can deliver all parts of furniture, except from the design. We are well aware that you are the specialist in design! We are the specialists in delivering all parts of the chair.

In-house production

Within the Schultz Seating Group we have in-house steel production in mechanisms, bases, swivel parts and assemblies. We are professionals in sewing of covers in leather and fabric and we sew after precisely the stitching you desire. Based on ready-made samples and drawings our experienced upholstery-staff are able to create exactly the models you require.


Sourcing partners

You can contact us regarding inquiries for all parts of a furniture. We have built up a strong relationship to many specially selected sub suppliers. And this enables us to source all kinds of furniture parts – even wooden bases. 

All in ONE house

So the Schultz Seating Group is your total supplier in the furniture industry. We are able to produce or source parts of furniture or the whole chair. But we never design the furniture.