Bases & Swivel parts

Standard bases

In our own production we produce some standard bases in steel, which can be delivered in different surfaces and sizes. We also source different standard bases in aluminum and wood. All bases fit 100% with our wide range of swivel parts.


Customized bases

Based on our great knowledge in swivel parts, we help many customers with solutions for their own designed base. We also produce samples, and of course production of high end bases in steel. We have specialists in surfaces – challenge us, and we find a solution. Finally, we source customized bases in aluminum and wood, and secure that the swivel functions 100%.

Swivel parts, center parts, spindles – one function but many names

Schultz-Seating has produced center parts since 1970. We used 5 years to develop our production method which we took out patent on. Today, we have many customers world wide who only buy from us. It has been proven that our spindles last for many years without complains. Over the years we have developed a wide range of models in tubes, aluminum etc. so today, we can offer a solution for any kinds of bases. The idea is that they not only can be built into the base but also fit into the seat.