For more than 50 years we have been working with the development of mechanisms for chairs and sofas. The absolute strength for our development team is that we are located in Denmark, Poland and China. Thereby, we can offer being physically involved in the development of both complex models and more simple parts close to our customers.

Customized developments

Based on both own and customized models the objective of the development department is to develop and adapt customers’ projects to correspond to the customers’ request. To ensure that each part is satisfied, the most important thing is to agree on the level of quality before we start developing a sample of the product.
We visualize customer projects by 3D drawings, which make the development process easier. The 3D drawings are a very helpful tool in the development process for both the customer and our developers, as it makes the development process easy and manageable.

The Development Process

The process for developing new customer projects is done through 5 steps:
  1. The Sales Responsible discusses needs and expectations of the project with the customer
  2. The Sales Responsible evaluates the optimal development department to take in the project in question
  3. The Sales Responsible presents the project to the technical department
  4. In the development phase 3D drawings and eventually physical samples are exchanged with the customer
  5. When a sample of the customer project is made it will be tested according to standards of the Schultz Seating Group
  6. Evaluation and preparation for production

Customer Design

According to our customers’ designs and requirements we help developing new functions, shapes, bases, covers and upholsteries. Since 1965 we have been working with many different constructions, and we are willing to share our experience and know-how to achieve the right combination of quality and expected production price for the customer.

Metal construction

A combination of great experience and investment in new machinery enables us to develop and produce exactly the design required by the customer.

Special bases

With the many years of experience in developing customized bases, we are able to meet the highest demands of our customers individually designed bases.


A combination of many years of experience and investment in new machinery enables us to make exactly the design required by the customer.


We take pride in respecting the customers design when upholstering the furniture. But we do not have our own designers or our own collection in the furniture market. So the final design of the furniture is always made by the customer.