Schultz Seating China

In 2005 we started building up the factory in China. With expertise and know-how from the mother company and a Danish Managing Director, Beijing Schultz Seating have an experienced and qualified steel production.

Early 2015 the production moved to Tianjin in order to be closer to our suppliers, as well as closer to the port of Tianjin, making freight more convenient for our customers.
Beijing Schultz Seating will remain with focus on trading and sourcing only, while Tianjin Schultz Seating has taken over our steel production and all customer accounts.

Steel production
With around 70 employees our main focus is on production of mechanisms, swivel parts, bases and assemblies. cooperation with sub suppliers enables us to offer you unlimited capacity in steel production.


We have built up a strong relationship to many specially selected sub suppliers through ten years of presence in China. This enables us to supply all kinds of steel parts. With Beijing Schultz Seating focusing on trading and sourcing only, we will be able to give competitive prices utilizing own purchase volume with the suppliers. We also offer supply of other materials, such as plastic, aluminium, stainless steel products. We are always open for new opportunities.

At Tianjin Schultz Seating we have our own QC department and technical department. Thereby, we ensure the quality in the products delivered matches the expectations.