Schultz Seating Group has from the beginning been a steel company and we like to think we are experts in manufacturing a variety of steel parts.

With our three production units located in Denmark, Poland and China we can accommodate many different requests including components in steel, aluminium, chrome, satin etc.


Today we have set up fully equipped powder coating machines in both Denmark and Poland. This provides our customers with the opportunity to paint steel parts in a great variety of colors with long lasting quality.

Schultz Seating Denmark

Røddikvej 72
DK-8464 Galten, Denmark
Direct: +45 87 555 777

Schultz Seating Poland

ul. Górnicza 1
42-100 Kłobuck, Poland
Direct: +48 343 617 987

Schultz Seating China

No.22 Quangxing Road,                                                Wuqing Development Zone Tianjin, China
Postcode: 301700
Direct: +86 022-82 12 10 11