For more than 50 years we have been working on developing customized solutions including new functional mechanisms, new shapes, swivel parts and bases. The absolute strength is our R&D team ready to solve even the most complex projects.

Depending on your process and what you seek in a supplier we will assign a team of R&D specialists to help you from the early stages of product development and all the way through the production.

Strong cooperation is an absolute must in order for us to accommodate your requirements. When we enter a project the cooperation starts with an open dialogue on specifications which is very important to ensure the required documentation.


1. Initial Meeting

We would like to help independent designers, architects and companies realizing design ideas. We offer a free initial meeting - so stop by for a visit and hear more about how we can help you. We look forward to meet you and hear all about your project.

2. R&D Support

Depending on your project we will provide you with support from our highly experienced R&D team. We have a big know-how on kinetic functional fittings, construction of chairs and how to make a design production-friendly. Before exchanging technical details of a project we will sign a mutual non-disclosure-agreement (NDA).

3. Prototyping & Specification

If we match your technical requirements and we form a cooperation, we move on to building a prototype for production. This will secure all the necessary documentation for setting up a full production.

4. Production Setup

When the prototype is approved it is time for finalizing our agreement including price and delivery terms.
With the final agreement we will secure your ongoing production.


In Schultz Seating Group we started our journey as a supplier of steel parts and other components primarily for functional chairs. With the core knowledge of steel production we have grown to become one of the leading suppliers in the furniture industry recognized for hands-on support and high quality standards.

Over the past years we have expanded our business from Denmark and today we have production units located in Denmark, Poland and China providing us with great diversity. We see ourselves as more than a supplier and like to think of our company as your solution provider. We can support production of almost all parts and components for a complete and functional chair - we call this ONE STOP SUPPLY.


Imagine a situation where you only need one supplier to realize your design ideas and business potential.
With ONE STOP SUPPLY you will:

  • Simplify your own supply chain
  • Secure strong cooperation with your supplier
  • Experience hands-on support all the way

As your solution provider we are ready to support your process from the early stages of product development and all the way through production to the finished products.


With our many years of experience, we have developed a variety of mechanisms that are used and continuously developed in connection with ongoing projects.

We also enter into projects that develop mechanisms in strong collaboration with our customers. Depending on the project, we are able to build on our standard options or develop new based on customer specifications.

Frames & Bases
Based on our many years of experience we offer to make frames that are customized to fit your design.
In our productions we are equipped with 3D bending machines to create a variety of shapes to accommodate our customers' requests.
We also offer to customize and develop bases to accommodate your special requirements. We add our knowledge of swivel parts to ensure that our bases are functional and live up to the highest quality standards.
All steel parts

The bulk of our business revolves around suppliers to the furniture industry. However, as we have steel production in Poland, China and Denmark, we are open to inquiries on all steel projects. Our R&D team evaluates your request and sees if it fits our production setup. In order to produce a large selection of steel parts for our products, we are well equipped with advanced machines, including:

  • TIG welding robots
  • 5 axel CNC bending machines
  • CNC laser cutter
  • CNC milling
  • Advanced computerized setup


  • Shiny chrome (chrome)
    Produced in DK, PL, CH

  • Brushed chrome (steel chrome)
    Produced in DK, CH

  • Brushed satin nickel
    (stainless look)

    Produced in DK, CH

  • Satin chrome
    Produced in DK, PL, CH

  • Antique brass
    Produced in CH

  • Black nickel
    Produced in CH


When creating a piece of furniture in collaboration with your supplier, the first step is to secure steel parts and components for the construction. For many of our customers, however, the custom finish is the most important factor when choosing a supplier.

To meet our customers, we find it crucial to help realize the desired design ideas with the right finish.

In our production setup, we have chosen to think of custom finish as the second step that covers:

  • Choosing the right foam solution
  • Choosing the right upholstery solution
  • Choosing the right sewing solution 
Moulded Foam

With the right setup of machinery we can now carry out the production of molded foam in Poland. This allows us to provide our customers with a complete solution including molded foam components.


We take pride in respecting the customer's design when upholstering the furniture. But we do not have our own designers or our own collection in the furniture market. So the final design of the furniture is always made by the customer.


A combination of many years of experience and investment in new machinery enables us to make the designs exactly as our customers require.

One Stop Supply

We are recognized as a solution provider in the market because we can supply almost all components to create the finished chair. Our in-house production covers: Mechanisms, steel frames, swivel parts, bases, moulded foam, sewing and upholstery. 


We take pride in delivering products that we know will meet our customer's expectations. Therefore, new product developments will always be led through our test department and tested in our specially adapted test machines. We only test the steel parts for durability and strength based on number of movements with a certain weight.

As we are not an accredited test laboratory, naturally we cannot offer a final test of the complete furniture. But to give safety in fulfilling the customer's expectations for the complete product, we will be most helpful with preliminary tests.

We can offer longer guaranties than the normal low, depending on the mechanisms and the customer's demand.

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