In Poland we have a well-established sewing department with CNC leather cutter and fabric cutter ready to accommodate your needs. The department consists of a large number of highly skilled machinists.

Our sewing department is an independent department meaning we also offer to take on projects limited to sewing tasks. 

Please find examples of our standard operations below or contact us for more information.

  • Overstitching
  • Overlocking
  • Double stitching
  • Elastic Creasing
  • Piping


The original upholstery department was based on upholstery of simple armchairs. In 2016 we established a second upholstery department handling more complex projects related to lounge chairs and dining chairs.

Today we have been growing our upholstery department and today the department act as an independent unit. We do also accept tasks not related to our other products and services. For more information please contact us.

The growth of Schultz Seating Group has resulted in an increasing focus on expanding our sewing and upholstery departments further to take in ONE STOP SUPPLY customers. This is also related to our moulded foam machine park ready in the beginning of 2019.

Schultz Seating Denmark

Røddikvej 72
DK-8464 Galten, Denmark
Direct: +45 87 555 777

Schultz Seating Poland

ul. Górnicza 1
42-100 Kłobuck, Poland
Direct: +48 343 617 987

Schultz Seating China

No.22 Quangxing Road,                                                Wuqing Development Zone Tianjin, China
Postcode: 301700
Direct: +86 022-82 12 10 11