Schultz Seating Group was established in Galten back in 1965 and has been working as a supplier to the furniture industry ever since. Today we are one of the leading suppliers specialized in developing steel parts and other components primarily for functional chairs.

Our vision is to be a reliable production partner and when entering a new project we are always committed to help our customers on their journey. To us the word reliable means that we constantly strive to be a solution provider you can rely on.

To succeed with our vision we seek to establish a strong cooperation with our customers. With our many years of experience we know that developing projects is often a complex and unique process. A strong cooperation is built on open communication which is the corner stone to ensure that we as your supplier fully understand your needs in order to provide the best solutions.

Depending on your process and what you seek in a supplier we will assign a team of R&D specialists to help you from the early stages of product development and all the way through the production.


Schultz Seating Group is located in Denmark, Poland and China. The three geographically beneficial locations provide great advantages when accommodating international costumers.

We work together as one company! Depending on your project and requirements we can share the project between the three locations to ensure you the best circumstances prioritizing between competitive prices, fast deliveries and a higher quality standard.

The machinery parks are equipped to handle a variety of projects ranging from small to large, from simple to complex - regardless if you need only one component or the complete solution with a finished product.


  • R&D Support
  • Customized Mechanisms
  • Standard Mechanisms
  • Customized Steel Parts
  • Powder Coating
  • Design Bases
  • Swivel Parts


  • R&D Support
  • Customized Mechanisms
  • Standard Mechanisms
  • Customized Steel Parts
  • Powder Coating
  • Design Bases
  • Moulded Foam 
  • Upholstery & Sewing


  • Customized Mechanisms
  • Standard Mechanisms
  • Bases & Swivel Parts 
  • Customized Steel Parts


In 1965 Schultz Seating Group was founded by Jørgen Schultz Christensen in Galten, Denmark. From the beginning, we focused on being a supplier to the furniture industry. In the 1970’s we developed a recliner swivel for the center section, which became patented. This product became a corner stone for our business, and one we are well known for today.

During the 1990’s we started exporting to several countries in Europe. In addition, we developed more new mechanisms which also became patented. From the beginning of 2000 we established cooperation with more sub-suppliers in Eastern Europe, and by the year of 2003 Beijing Schultz Seating was established as a sourcing company. With this new establishment, we were able to secure quality control of our own production in China.

A close cooperation with our subcontractor, Inpako in Poland, resulted in a merger and in 2008 Schultz Seating Poland was established. With this establishment, we secured a good geographical position to ensure fast delivery throughout Europe.

Today Schultz Seating Group is owned by Søren Nebbegaard. We are a leading supplier to the furniture industry with three production units located in Denmark, Poland and China.

Our production facility in Denmark has existed for more than 50 years and is has been our home from the beginning. Our team in Denmark consists of 30 highly skilled people.

As a customer with a project you will be met by our experienced team in Research & Development. They specialize in developing high-end and complex solutions to match your need.

Schultz Seating Poland is located at a geographical good position to ensure fast delivery to all of Europe. And with more than 250 employees we have the capacity to accommodate large volume productions in steel, sewing and upholstery.

Schultz Seating China is run by approx. 70 employees with a focus on bases, swivels and steel parts. We have a strong network of sourcing suppliers specially selected to secure supply of components we do not produce ourselves.



When we enter a new project with a customer we see the cooperation as a partnership. We will be committed to help you from day one.


Our customers recognize us for high quality standards and a professional approach - never compromising an agreement and always honoring our word.

Think in Solutions

We think of ourselves as part of your team - sharing our experience and know-how to find the best suitable solutions for you.


We acknowledge that delivery in time is crucial, and it is top priority to us. Within our organization we always strive for better processes to reduce delivery time.


Regardless if you are experienced or new in the field we find it natural to provide hands-on from the early stages of product development and all the way through production. 


When we enter a project we always sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement to secure all the information exchanged.

Frame Orders / Call of Orders

In Schultz Seating Group we always strive to benefit our customers with great prices. One of the ways we can ensure favorable prices is by reducing production costs by offering frame order agreements to our customers.

Frame orders agreements give our customers the option to place a high quantity order to secure the best prices combined with the possibility of split deliveries.

As a customer with a frame order arrangement you will estimate the full order amount at the time for the agreement. Customer will commit to purchase and receive the full order amount regardless of whether their sale increases or decreases.   

Besides the favorable prices another important benefit is shorter delivery time. With a frame order arrangement our production units can prepare spare parts in advance for a temporary stock and therefore reduce the delivery time.

Frame order agreements can vary and the details of an arrangement will be negotiated and signed prior to production. In order to create a win-win situation an agreement will always include:

  • Clear specification on which products are included in the arrangement
  • Clear specification on the full order amount and number of split deliveries
  • Clear specification on the running time for the arrangement

Depending on our customer the agreements can cover selected parts in an order or the complete list of parts from the order. Normally the agreement is set up to run for 3-6 months with 2-4 split deliveries. We acknowledge that all customers are unique and have different requests so if you find this interesting we suggest that you contact us for more information on a customized agreement.

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Schultz Seating Denmark

Røddikvej 72
DK-8464 Galten, Denmark
Direct: +45 87 555 777

Schultz Seating Poland

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42-100 Kłobuck, Poland
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Schultz Seating China

No.22 Quangxing Road,                                                Wuqing Development Zone Tianjin, China
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