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Swivels have been a corner stone in Schultz Seating Group from the beginning.

During 1970 Mr. Schultz developed a patented production method for our swivels making them stronger than those of our competitors. Our manufacturing method ensures that we never have claims – even today after more than 50 years. Our swivels are recognized for their stability, easy mounting, no noise, and no “wobbling”. Since we have developed special machines for production, we are still able to deliver the highest quality in the market at a competitive price.

Today we are recognized as market leaders of swivels for functional chairs. And with our production method and high quality we are pushing the market standards – selling to customers in Europe, Asia, US and Canada.

Feedback from our customers indicates that by choosing to pay a little extra for a quality swivel you minimize the risk of getting claims for the complete chair.



Based on our knowhow and experience we develop special swivels and bases according to design and functionality demands from our customers. 

You will be part of a close collaboration with one of our local R&D teams. Based on our swivel, we make the adjustments required by your project. Then we produce your swivel in-house and offer you the possibility to use our test facilities.