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We can support you on choice of material, durable construction, production method or something else? Today we have a team dedicated to sustainability. They are ready to advise on trends and directives based on your goals.


Need help to make a drawing?
Or are you ready to make the first prototype?
We have the team of craftsmen and the equipment you need to make it.


We have dedicated a team to sustainability and the increasing demands we experience from our customers. We seek the latest info on trends, regulations, CE approvals, production methods, materials etc. to support our customers. It is important for us to support the goals you set for your project – big or small.


Develop your furniture together with our experienced team of engineers and craftsmen. For some customers we participate in one phase of the process, and for others we support throughout the entire process.



Perhaps you already have a finished design and an approved prototype, but now you lack a future production partner?
We handle the production of furniture – mainly functional chairs – for customers all over the world.


Do you want to test your furniture?
We have the equipment to set up an automatic test in-house and, based on your requirements, assess possible weaknesses.


We supply a wide range of our own patented products. Does it concern products that we do not make ourselves – e.g. motors – we help source them from our network of trusted subcontractors.
As a ONE STOP supplier we can help you simplify your supply chain.